Celebrating a Lifetime of Special Moments: Kate Leung’s Journey in Performance and Event Planning

In the vibrant tapestry of Southern California’s diverse communities, one individual stands out as a beacon of talent and cultural fusion. Meet Kate Leung, a dynamic performer, seasoned event planner, and proud representative of the Asian-American experience. With over two decades of experience in bringing joy and excitement to countless gatherings, Kate’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and the seamless blending of Eastern and Western cultures.

A Proud Product of the 626: Kate’s Beginnings in Performance

Born and raised in the 626 area, Kate proudly identifies as a first-generation “ABC” from the San Gabriel Valley. Her journey into the world of performing arts and event planning began at a young age, fueled by a deep-rooted love for music and a natural affinity for the stage. From her early days as a soloist in local bands, churches, and choirs, Kate’s talent quickly caught the attention of audiences and industry professionals alike.

Reflecting on her early experiences, Kate shares, “I’ve always had an interest in performance, specifically singing. Music surrounded me much of my young life, so it was an easy transition into adolescence and into adulthood.”

Academic Achievements and Multicultural Skills

With a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from CSULA and certifications as a Cantor and officiant in the state of California, Kate’s academic achievements complement her artistic prowess. Fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, she effortlessly bridges cultural divides and brings a sense of authenticity to every event she touches.

Passion Fuels the Journey

Kate’s passion for music and performance shines through in every note she sings and every event she orchestrates. She emphasizes, “It’s just such a natural ‘high’ when you’re on stage, you feed off the energy from a crowd and people sending you those positive vibes is addicting.”

Cultural Fusion and Personalization

What sets Kate apart from others in her field is not just her talent, but her multicultural background and language skills. With a deep understanding of both Chinese and Western traditions, she crafts unforgettable experiences that seamlessly blend the best of both worlds. From traditional Chinese weddings to modern Western celebrations, Kate’s ability to personalize each event ensures that every client’s unique vision is brought to life.

Kate explains, “Understanding the cultures well helps me know where can ‘give and take’ from both sides so things become a harmonious compromise and in many ways blend into a new and beautiful NEW culture!”

Memorable Moments and Prestigious Venues

Throughout her career, Kate has been privileged to be part of many memorable moments and events. From performing at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl to recording at Capitol Records, her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Recalling some of these experiences, Kate enthuses, “I was tripping the entire time I was there, they even had gold records in the bathrooms LOL. Sometimes I think back and still find it hard to believe it happened!”

Overcoming Challenges: Lessons Learned

However, like any journey, Kate’s path has had its share of challenges. Recalling a particularly difficult moment, she shares, “One of the hardest things for me was getting a bad review from a wedding about 5 years ago.” Yet, it’s through such challenges that Kate has grown stronger, turning setbacks into valuable lessons and fueling her determination to always strive for excellence.

Sage Advice for Aspiring Artists and Planners

For those aspiring to follow in her footsteps, Kate offers sage advice: “Find a mentor or group you can shadow. Put in the time, do your homework and show up! Go the extra mile…There is something to be learned from every time you step foot into that space.”

Future Goals and Commitment to Excellence

Looking ahead, Kate’s goals are simple yet profound: to continue doing what she loves, while striving to constantly improve. As she navigates the ever-changing landscape of the performing arts and event planning industry, Kate remains committed to delivering unforgettable experiences that celebrate life’s most precious moments.

It’s a Referal Business

Leung’s perspective on referrals offers a unique insight into her approach to business and her aspirations within the realm of performing arts and event planning. For Kate, the future is about continual growth and improvement, building on her existing successes while embracing new challenges and opportunities.


Kate’s business thrives on word-of-mouth recommendations, referrals, and collaborations with fellow vendors, affectionately known as “fren-dors” in the industry. She acknowledges that there’s no greater compliment than receiving a referral, as it speaks volumes about the quality of her work and the satisfaction of her clients. This reliance on referrals underscores Kate’s commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and building strong relationships within her community.


Looking ahead, Kate’s goals are twofold: to maintain the high standard of excellence she’s known for while also striving to enhance her work even further. She expresses her enthusiasm for meeting new people, connecting with vendors, and exploring new venues, eager to absorb fresh experiences and expand her horizons.


However, Kate recognizes the importance of finding a balance between her professional and personal life—a balance that she admits can be challenging to maintain at times. She grapples with the difficulty of saying “no,” particularly when faced with enticing opportunities or the fear of missing out (FOMO). Yet, she’s come to understand the necessity of adjusting her priorities and learning when to decline events that may not align with her vision or values.


In essence, Kate’s view on referrals encapsulates her entrepreneurial spirit and her relentless pursuit of excellence. While she remains grateful for the referrals that have propelled her business forward, she also understands the importance of self-awareness and prioritization in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of her industry. As she continues to grow and evolve, Kate Leung’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences will undoubtedly solidify her reputation as a leading figure in the world of performing arts and event planning.

Unity and Celebration

In a world where connections matter more than ever, Kate Leung stands as a shining example of the power of music, culture, and community to bring people together. With her unwavering passion and boundless creativity, she continues to inspire and uplift audiences, one event at a time.

As Kate’s story unfolds, it reveals not just a career, but a life dedicated to the art of celebration. Each event she plans, every song she sings, is infused with a sense of joy and meaning that transcends cultural boundaries. Whether she’s guiding a couple through their wedding ceremony or entertaining a crowd with her captivating vocals, Kate’s presence leaves an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to experience it.

But Kate’s impact extends far beyond the stage and the event venue. As a proud member of the Asian-American community, she serves as a role model and inspiration to countless individuals who dare to dream big and pursue their passions. Her success is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and the willingness to embrace one’s cultural heritage while also embracing the world at large.

Blending Cultures

In an industry often driven by trends and fleeting fads, Kate Leung remains a steady force, grounded in tradition yet always open to innovation. Her ability to seamlessly blend Chinese and Western influences speaks not only to her talent as a performer and event planner but also to her deep appreciation for the richness of both cultures.

As Kate looks towards the future, her vision is clear: to continue spreading joy, creating memories, and celebrating life’s most precious moments with those she has the privilege to serve. Whether she’s singing on stage, planning an event, or simply sharing a moment of laughter with friends and family, Kate Leung’s impact is felt far and wide, enriching the lives of all who have the pleasure of knowing her.

In a world that often seems divided by differences, Kate reminds us of the power of music, culture, and community to unite us in celebration and joy. Through her artistry and dedication, she has become not just a performer and event planner, but a true ambassador of love, laughter, and the universal language of music. And as long as there are moments to celebrate, Kate Leung will be there, ready to share her talent, her passion, and her boundless spirit with the world.


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