Maximizing the Impact of Your Photo Shoot: Insights from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Director Priscilla Polley

As a seasoned photographer and producer who has ventured into the world of fashion and luxury through various high-profile projects and publications, I’ve always been fascinated by the strategic elements that contribute to the success of a photo shoot. My journey, having begun as the first official digital photographer for prominent award shows and evolved into a role that encompasses celebrity portraits and luxury brand narratives, has shown me the critical importance of every detail in a shoot—from the lighting to the lenses and especially to the styling.

Recently, I came across an insightful discussion with Priscilla Polley, the Fashion Director at Victoria’s Secret, hosted by Lindsay More Nisbett of The Line Studios. Priscilla’s journey resonates deeply with my own experiences, particularly in how she’s leveraged her background in styling stars and major brands to shape the visual and emotional appeal of one of the most iconic brands in fashion.


The Role of Styling in Brand Storytelling

Priscilla articulates something I’ve seen firsthand: styling isn’t just about assembling outfits—it’s about telling a story. As photographers, we are visual storytellers, and stylists like Priscilla are our narrators. She explains, “Styling is the storyteller of a company. Without it, you just have products.” This aligns with my approach to photography where every image is a narrative element, conveying not just a look but a lifestyle, a mood, and an aspiration.

Crafting Authentic Connections

In my shoots, whether it’s capturing a candid moment with Richard Branson or setting a scene for a luxury resort, the essence of authenticity is paramount. Priscilla’s approach at Victoria’s Secret, to be “super authentic” and to think deeply about how lingerie is a personal and intimate purchase for consumers, mirrors my own philosophy. This authenticity is what makes an image relatable. It’s about seeing the garment or the product as part of a larger, more personal story that viewers can connect with.

Balancing Storytelling and Sales

A major takeaway from Priscilla’s insights is the balance between storytelling and direct sales. She discusses how brands often struggle with this, oscillating between too commercial or too abstract. The magic happens in the blend—using the product as a vehicle for an emotional journey while also making it clear and appealing as a purchasable item. This is a delicate balance that I strive to achieve in every shoot, ensuring that while the narrative captivates, the product remains desirable and obtainable.

Styling Beyond Personal Aesthetics

Another critical point Priscilla makes is about styling beyond personal tastes to align with the brand’s identity and audience. As someone who has worked across various cultural and aesthetic landscapes, I understand the importance of versatility and adapting to different stylistic demands. This adaptability is crucial, especially when the brand’s aesthetic might diverge from your personal style.

The Different Dynamics of Campaigns and E-commerce

Discussing the distinct dynamics between larger campaigns and e-commerce, Priscilla highlights the unique challenges and objectives of each. While e-commerce is more about clarity and consistency, campaigns allow for creative disruptions that bring fresh perspectives to a brand. This distinction is crucial in my work, where the approach to shooting for an editorial versus a brand’s catalog can vastly differ in terms of creativity and focus.


Priscilla Polley’s discussion is a treasure trove of insights that resonate with any photographer or brand strategist aiming to enhance the impact of their visual presentations. Her expertise underscores the importance of styling in crafting narratives that not only sell but also build lasting emotional connections with the audience. As I continue to explore new horizons in photography and storytelling, these lessons reinforce the value of thoughtful, authentic, and strategic visual storytelling in creating successful photo shoots that resonate both aesthetically and commercially.

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