From Vision to Reality: The Evolution of Revel Republic & Bernard Kida


Bernard Kida’s journey in the event planning industry is a tale of adaptation, innovation, and visionary leadership. With a background steeped in producing glamorous Hollywood movie premieres, Bernard’s career took a creative turn during the global pandemic. This period of uncertainty and change led to the birth of Revel Republic, a company that’s redefining the landscape of experiential events. Here, Bernard shares insights into his professional journey and the unique ethos of Revel Republic.

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Bernard Kida’s Professional Background

Bernard’s early career was marked by high-profile event productions in Hollywood. As the pandemic hit, the traditional event landscape shifted dramatically. In response, Bernard and his team pivoted to socially distant drive-in experiences, a move that preserved the essence of communal gatherings while adapting to new safety protocols. The true breakthrough, however, came with the launch of an innovative on-the-water concert in Newport Beach Harbor, co-founded with Hany Ghabour. This event, featuring performances by DJ Michael Soltani, trap violinist Clejan, and electric violinist Yennie, was a resounding success. It not only demonstrated the potential for safe, large-scale events during the pandemic but also set the stage for the establishment of Revel Republic.

Vision of Revel Republic

At its core, Revel Republic is driven by a vision to craft unique experiential events that transport attendees beyond their everyday experiences. This vision aligns seamlessly with Bernard’s personal values and professional aspirations, which are deeply influenced by his extensive travels across 25 countries. Revel Republic’s events are designed to infuse local experiences with global influences, transforming mundane spaces into extraordinary realms that feel entirely new and exciting.

Event Innovation and Experience

Revel Republic prides itself on reimagining traditional event models. A standout example is the partnership with Nobu Newport Beach for the R | FENIX immersive dining experience. This event combined the mythic imagery of the phoenix with an exclusive Nobu dining experience, enhanced by an Earth Harp installation that transformed the Lido Deck’s architecture into a musical instrument. Such innovative events not only deviate from the norm but also leave a lasting impact on attendees, embodying the company’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

Integration of Technology

In an era dominated by digital advancements, Revel Republic is at the forefront of integrating virtual and augmented reality technologies into its events. These technologies enhance the physical experience, offering guests immersive interactions, such as virtual tours of private jet interiors. This forward-thinking approach allows Revel Republic to stay ahead in the industry, creating multi-layered events that engage attendees in novel and meaningful ways.

Challenges and Industry Trends

Navigating the post-pandemic world, Revel Republic faces significant challenges, particularly regarding the rising costs of event production. Despite these obstacles, the company strives to manage expenses wisely without compromising the quality of its events. Additionally, Bernard is particularly excited about incorporating artificial intelligence into the operational framework of Revel Republic. AI tools assist in managing event logistics and customer interactions, proving indispensable in modern event planning.

Social Impact and Community Engagement

Revel Republic’s commitment to social causes is evident in its collaborations with nonprofits like the SEAL Future Foundation and its own initiative, Revel with a Cause. These partnerships reflect the company’s dedication to balancing profitability with social responsibility, aiming to make a positive impact on the community while ensuring commercial success.

Creative Process and Team Dynamics

Bernard explains that the creative process at Revel Republic involves extensive brainstorming sessions aimed at redefining the scope of traditional events. This collaborative environment fosters creativity and allows for a dynamic exchange of ideas. When disagreements arise, they are handled with a focus on the broader vision, ensuring that minor differences do not derail the creative process.

Success Metrics and Event Outcomes

Revel Republic measures the success of its events through various metrics, including attendee engagement, logistical efficiency, and overall experience quality. Bernard highlights the Newport Beach International Boat Show as one of the most successful events under his leadership, noting the comprehensive planning and execution that contribute to its success annually.

Future Projects and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Revel Republic has ambitious plans for expansion, including new events like the Discovering Polaris business seminar and the San Diego International Boat Show. Bernard envisions the company continuing to grow and innovate, ultimately creating a legacy of cultural disruption and evolution in the event planning industry.

Advice for Aspiring Event Planners

For those looking to enter the field, Bernard emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of the industry, including the complex permitting process involved in event planning. He advises aspiring planners to start small, focus on producing quality events, and gradually build a reputation that attracts clients.


Bernard Kida’s journey with Revel Republic exemplifies how visionary leadership, combined with a commitment to innovation and community engagement, can redefine an industry. As Revel Republic continues to grow and evolve, it remains a beacon of creativity and excellence in the ever-changing landscape of event planning.

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